My Story

Anu G. Sood

I wanted to share and spread the joy and the calm that this medium brought for me, with the world. Each of my paintings is created from the heart and helps raise money for causes that are close to my heart.

Heartscapes Art Md was born in 2018, after I was faced with a life changing event and needed to focus on something positive, that would not only be relaxing and joyful, but would also help me heal.

I had always been fascinated with colors, and started playing with acrylic paint and inks as my mediums of escape and expression. It was riveting and I fell in love with the fascinating art forms that emerged from my experiments, and played a huge role in my healing.

My art evolved with each painting and I was blessed with the appreciation I received from family, friends and peers.

I held an exhibition of my paintings in 2019 – a fundraiser for the Cancer Center. 2020 brought its challenges, however I was able to exhibit at the local Arts Gallery. I am excited to start the year 2021 with an exhibition of my artwork at  a local art gallery.

Though I am a Physician with no formal Art training or study, here I am loving and creating Art!


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